December is coming in like a lamb -- but have no fear!
We've been working hard to bring the Imagefeed and RumpUs rooms online, so our new mid-month publication is a tad behind. We're a mom-and-pop (well, UB and Pipsqueak) operation on purpose, as we don't want any outside hands to be... (moisten finger)
The Backside Newsgroup Imagefeed is online.
Be inspired by your fellow enthusiasts around the world, who post their favorite Spanking and BDSM images to Newsgroups, without having to wade through the spam, garbage (and worse) that also... (moisten finger)

The Xine, Thus Far:

Online shortly! December
The Internet age has settled down for eternity, and Long-Distance relationships are more the norm, than the aberration. But Backside-type relationships bring unique challenges to any relationship -- so much of the power comes from subtle, nebulous things, like headspace -- how do you craft a powerful Punishmentality headspace from afar?

Your Backside-type passions are built from a million small cues which add up to fill your brain to overwhelming, where even the smallest of touches can be one of the most powerful headspaces she knows -- so we explore how even the littlest, creative touch can carry almost unspeakable power for her head and heart.
October issue of Backside of Love: the Xine October
Probably the single greatest challenge that Adoring Discipline relationships face is maintaining consistency. For it to feel real it has to be reliable, and she has to know that the structure and consequences are always there, and will always keep her safe within those guardrails she needs from you. But then, there's Real Life...
September issue of Backside of Love: the Xine September
Punishmentality is at the heart of every relationship in which Adoring Discipine is a positive, moving thing -- even if its real, even if there's dread. Here, we tackle this seminal concept for Backside-type relationships, where the firm, loving guardrails of structure and consequence is undeniably good for her, and something she craves in her life -- even if she'd do anything to get out of it, at the time!
We launch the  Xine by introducing our Mission, and the directions from which we're going to approach the many potent themes within Backside-type relationships.

Our primary tools will be fiction, articles, interviews and imagery, and we'll use them to illuminate aspects of those themes you might not have considered!



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