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December is coming in like a lamb -- but have no fear!

We've been working hard to bring the Imagefeed and RumpUs rooms online, so our new mid-month publication is a tad behind. We're a mom-and-pop (well, UB and Pipsqueak) operation on purpose, as we don't want any outside hands to be on the project, except for the creators that we invite to bring their perspective.

We've recently shifted to a mid-month publication schedule, but I'm afraid we're running behind this month as production for the new features took many more person-hours than anticipated. We're working on our sixth issue of the Xine, each of which has been out exactly on time, so I hope you can bear a little leeway with us as we tackle this new production schedule for the first time. We appreciate your patience, and support!

--UB and Carolyn

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The Backside Newsgroup Imagefeed is online.

Be inspired by your fellow enthusiasts around the world, who post their favorite Spanking and BDSM images to Newsgroups, without having to wade through the spam, garbage (and worse) that also gets pumped through Newsgroups.

[Please note for ease of navigation, the new IMAGEFEED button on the bottom-right of the heading for all these pages].

If you enjoy the visuals of our mutual passions, you'll find a nearly endless supply of them now that we've made them worth the trouble with our spam-filtered, thumbnailed Imagefeed of the Spanking and BDSM Newsgroups! No wading through the thousands of off-topic and spam posts, no more nausea at the sleazy garbage (kitty porn, bestiality, scat, just flood the image newsgroups!) that gets posted there -- best of all, no more trying to guess what an image might be from the cryptic (or lying) subject-line of the post.

Browse through only the real spanking and BDSM images that real enthusiasts like you post to Usenet every week, and find just what you like with convenient thumbnails of every image!

The big News Service Providers can't do this, because they aren't here JUST to focus on Backside-type passions, like we are. We're the niche on the Net that you've been looking for, because not only do we really live these things, every day, but we're branching out to produce our own Xine, and our own books, and our own Newsgroup feed because this stuff is our passion, too.

We're producing the stuff that we never found anyone else producing when we were looking for the real thing, by real people, who really live this, and were (like you) mired in the muck of a million corporate porn outfits who slap "spanking" areas onto their Net store, and spend a bunch of money buying high listings on Google, to suck YOU into their marketing web.

We're just following our passions, because we know what your passions are.

So if your passions include intriguing imagery of real Adoring Discipline between real people, we think you'll love our spam-filtered, thumbnailed Newsgroup Imagefeed!

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