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Backside of Love magazine subscribers enjoy an extra service that's unique on the Net, and very appealing to those with Backside-type passions.

We provide a spam-filtered, thumbnailed feed of the picture Newsgroups which carry exclusively spanking and BDSM images.

Here is more info about Newsgroups, but the upshot is that every week enthusiasts post hundreds and hundreds of spanking and BDSM pictures to Newsgroups set up to traffic in them. From amateurs sharing their passions to free sample galleries by the pay sites, there is a wealth of visual stimuli on the very topics you enjoy most!

Two problems though: The spammers know about these, and they post thousands of off-topic, sleazy (vanilla) porn and advertisements -- and there's no good way to know if a particular post is an interesting amateur spanking picture, or something you don't want, like off-topic ads, or even worse, actual child pornography.

  Enter our solution!

Each week we download ALL of the images posted to these spanking and BDSM groups, and have a lackey who combs through them, pulling out only the good stuff, the on-topic stuff, erasing all the garbage that's trafficked on these newsgroups.

Then we turn our software loose, and it produces thumbnailed, easily-browsed collections from them.

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Hundreds of pure, on-topic, thumbnailed images, divided into a spanking and a BDSM gallery, twice a month! Plus the Backside of Love magazine.

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