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(Usenet) Newsgroups are one of the oldest uses of the Internet, predating the Web, which are sort of global message forums that require no website and no, and are generally completely un-moderated, making it simple for folks to post things that millions around the world can read. There are something like 90,000 different newsgroups on different topics. Many are just message boards, where people converse. Many are "binary groups", set up to facilitate the sharing of binary files, such as images.

And several of those are specifically there for the posting of spanking and BDSM images, where enthusiasts for these things swap thousands of on-topic images every week.

The Downside

But the tools and techniques for finding, accessing, downloading, and decoding binary files can be cryptic and awkward -- and even when you do get yourself set up with a Newsgroup Service Provider, and the software and expertise to find, get, and decrypt these files, you have to wade through THOUSANDS of posts of spam and completely off-topic drivel, to get to the good stuff.

(And the off-topic drivel can make your skin crawl. Ever wondered where the really heinous kinds of pedo-porn that authorities are always trying to stop, are found? The anonymity and un-moderated nature of Usenet Newsgroups means that people like that can use them.)

Plus, you only see text "headers" when perusing the tens of thousands of posts to a newsgroup (much like you see just the headers in the list of email in your inbox). You have to download the often-large image files before you can even find out if it's a delicious piece of on-topic artwork, or photo, or something that makes you nauseous before you can delete it!

Our Solution!

We've developed a system for having software comb through those tens of thousands of posts to spanking and BDSM binary newsgroups, filtering out the spam and off-topic drivel, then making thumbnails of the thousands of resulting on-topic, non-spam spanking and BDSM photos that fellow enthusiasts share via these groups.

Each week, the thousands of images will appear as two separate sets of thumbnails of on-topic images (spanking and BDSM), allowing you to quickly and conveniently page through and grab only the ones you want!

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