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December 15, 2005

The December issue brings with it the launch of the  Backside's Discipline Images Newsgroup feed, which will appear fresh each week with hundreds of images selected by fellow enthusiasts around the world (note the new link on your Subscriber options, to the right --> ), which is why we've moved the Xine publishing schedule to mid-month each issue from now on.

(We're putting the finishing touches on this issue now -- it will be hot off the presses after this weekend, as we've been working overtime to make the Newsgroup picture feed just right for you -- but hereafter press time will be the 15th each month -- thank you VERY much for your patience!).

What makes YOU quiver?

Haunted by a vision, a thought, a fantasy, that makes your mind quiver like only these Backside-type headspaces can?

The is about delving into those things that have echoed in your head and heart (and perhaps other places, as well?) for so long, exploring them as completely as we can through original fiction, articles, interviews and imagery by people who live this stuff every day, and are moved by everything about it.

Do you have a particular idea, theme, scenario, etc., that you'd like to see explored in Backside style? Write us about it! We want this to be about real people, real lives, real passion -- so whatever moves you feels real to us, and we'd love to explore it!

Banner ads? We don't need no stinking banner ads!!

Because part of our mission here is to be the anti-corporate-spanking-website website, we've created this home page for you with no banner ads, nothing screaming at you -- just easy ways to get to the topic we're all here to explore -- In fact, we hope you'll appreciate the lack of ads and other screaming irritations all over the site.

If you have any questions or problems at all, please let us know immediately.



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